On November 8, 2022 Mastic Beach Fire Department was toned out for a structure fire on Manhasset Dr. between Astoria Rd. and BabylonRd.
First on scene was 5-13-30 Chief Fred Loiacono who radioed to county control that he has a working fire. Next on scene was 5-13-31 1st asst. Chief Jeff McGown who requested county control for a signal 24 mutual aid from Mastic FD, Center Moriches to the scene and Brookhaven for a RIT team. also on scene was Mastic Beach Ambulance Company and Shirley Ambulance for rehab for the firemen. Two cats were reported in the house and they were both recovered by Chief McGown. The cats were taken to Mastic Beach Ambulance Rig to Denise who gave the cats oxygen.
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