Organized in 1935, the Mastic Beach Fire Department is an all-Volunteer department primarily serving the Long Island's south shore communities of Mastic Beach and Shirley, as needed the surrounding communities as well.
    Our District is a peninsula surrounded by the Great South Bay on the west, south and east sides. It encompasses the Fire Island National Seashore Barrier Beach, Smith Point County Park recreation area, the William Floyd Estate and the Manor of St George.
    Compromised of 80 members, Ladies Auxiliary, and a Junior Explorer program. We provide fire, rescue, marine rescue as well as assist Ems with a wide variety of apparatus both land and sea. We have recently acquired another building and have set it up as a marine rescue facility.
​Rich in history our most famous early residents played a major role in American history, most notably was General William Floyd.
His family estate is a National Historic Landmark protected by the National Park Service and open to the public.
  The Manor of St George another historic site is also located in our district.      
"The Gateway to Fire Island"